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2/19/2014 8:55:38 PM

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February 19, 2014

Once again we’re thinking that you know better than us what songs you want to hear, so we’re back asking you to make some decisions for us... this time for the Metallica pinball machine.  We first introduced you to the machine in April of last year and the response has been phenomenal, so now it’s time to add to the 12 songs already part of the game.  We teamed up with Stern Pinball and asked them to create the code update based on what you want to hear... pick your two favs and they’ll be all yours along with a few upgrades already in the works.

It’s pretty simple, just click here, follow a few easy instructions and select the two songs you would like to add.  The voting will close on March 3 and we’ll announce the winners the next day.  Your two choices will be available for download from Stern’s website just a few days after the voting closes.

Thanks for helping us out... again!