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4/1/2013 8:47:53 PM By // Jon Chad

Wait...what is this...MONDAY?  "Don't Jon and Alec post on Thursdays?" I hear you ask yourselves.  "Stop the madness!" cries another throng of pinballers.  Well, I had meant to post this image last week, but things at the school where I teach were super-duper busy.  Now that things have calmed down a sufficient ammount, I wanted to get this out ASAP.  May I present to you, loyal pinballers, the cover of Drop Target Zine issue #5:

This issue features a cover illustration of a pinbal component near and dear to our hearts!  I know I say this a lot on here, amigos, but we are incredibly pumped about this issue.  As I type this, all 400 copies of the first printing are sitting in my office collated and stapled.  All they need to be is folded, and we'll be off to the races!  Is you mouth watering?  Are you barely containing yourself knowing that a new DTZ is less than a week away?!  SO. ARE. WE.