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11/7/2013 8:17:53 PM By // Jon Chad

Hello fellow fans of the silver ball!  This week I am taking a break from my Backbox sketches to celebrate the release of my newest book, Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis!  Besides working on Drop Target Zine with Alec, I also illustrate children's books and comics!  This book takes place in space and has a ton of space facts, and sci fi, in it.  Also, it is a flip over book, which means you read the book from two directions and the two stories meet in the middle.  It just came out this Tuesday, and I am so pumped for people to read it.  

Just like when first Leo Geo came out, I thought that it would be fun to reimagine Leo Geo as a pinball machine.  I'm really into the result:

Since the two stories in the book follow Leo Geo and his brother Matt Data, I imagine that you would have the same sort of Autobot/Decepticon decision at the beginning like in the Transformers pin.  Oh...also, because I'm so into pinball and it is in EVERYTHING I draw, there is definitely pinball in the book : )

If you like the images that I've been posting here on the Stern Blog, check out the book!  There's a sample up on Amazon HERE.  Have a great pinball-filled weekend!