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8/25/2013 8:41:24 PM By // Jon Chad

One of the common jokes that Alec and I keep falling back on is the idea of playing so much pinball that your arms hurt.  We make jokes about muscle atrophy and the like.  I have been thinking about the real implications of that concept back in April when Daniele Acciari won the PAPA circuit final after playing rigorous pinball for over 9 hours straight!  They were calling him the Iron Man by the end of the day, and not wantonly.  Well, inquisitive reader, what I have here is a new device that is going to make your pinball marathons easier on those two tuckered out pythons attached to your torso.  Behold!


don’t know why no one’s thought of this yet?  The Army’s working on exo-skeleton stuff, right?  Then it’s only a matter of time until it enters the civilian market!  Imagine playing pinball for hours and hours without any fatigue!  Imagine knowing what the perfect amount of body English to give a machine EVERY TIME.  Obviously, this sort of mechanical tomfoolery wouldn’t be allowed in a tournament setting, but it would make for fun casual play!