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2/17/2014 9:01:20 PM


 In appreciation for all your fervent support of X-Men Pinball, we proudly

release Version 1.5 for both Limited Edition and Pro models. We’d like to

explore with you the depth of the improvements in this blog. Now let’s get

down to it!

In this updated version, we’ve added a new feature, enhanced some older

features, balanced scoring and gameplay, and bug fixes. For the complete

listing of all changes in this update, please click the following links to view

the readme files.


The “Merc with a Mouth” makes an appearance in this version! A fan

favorite, Deadpool is popular and hilarious part of the X-Men lore. Players

can hire Deadpool to help defeat Villains.

We wanted to give players an additional award for the combos they earned

that was proportional to the difficulty of getting combos in the game. In

addition, Deadpools ability to break the fourth wall offers a unique

opportunity to have him assist in defeating villains and progressing further

into the game.

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix has received a major overhaul. As a big boss battle, this new

version of Dark Phoenix reflects the true, devastating power of the Phoenix

Force. She will unleash all of its power on the player.

In line with our previous enhancements to Danger Room, Dark Phoenix is

now the type of challenging reward at the end of a hard fought road. Longer

game-play, higher awards, and an updated ruleset await players who

managed to defeat all of the Villains. While the timer is seemingly daunting, 

there are special mystery features to help players along!

Unique Combo Extra Ball

Though unique combos already bolster the base score of combos, we felt an

additional award for those hunting Unique combos was warranted. 

Mystery: X-Men Mode Start

Players were finding it difficult to re-start the last couple of X-Men in order

to reach Danger Room. With this mystery feature, any X-Men that were

started, but not completed, will re-start automatically. This award will only

become available after enough X-Men and Villains are started. 

Villain Difficulty

We eased the difficulty of three villains: Juggernaut, Sabretooth, and Shadow

King. Players were having a tough time getting through all the villain modes,

so we chose some of the more difficult ones and eased their shot

requirements. Scoring was also changed to take this change into account.

Juggernaut and Sabretooth had their base and incremental scores increased

while Shadow King only had its base score decreased. 

Nightcrawler (Pro Only)

In the Pro edition, Nightcrawler was much more difficult than its L.E.

counterpart. With that in mind, we lowered the difficulty of Nightcrawler

by one shot in X-Men Pro. 

X-Men Scaling Scores and Score Changes

There was a sense that re-starting already completed X-Men was not

worthwhile late game. To alleviate this, we’ve made all completed X-Men

that are restarted scale in their scoring based on number of completions.

This also effects Weapon-X Multiball, greatly increasing its value later in

the game. 

Magneto Multiball

Magneto’s multiball has undergone a bit of an overhaul. The benefits for

completing more X-Men before starting Magneto has been improved. Now

damage done to Magneto scales up with more X-Men completed. Damage

done directly to Magneto has also been slightly increased. Non-completed

X-Men shots, while they still do not re-light, do more damage to

Magneto when there are few X-Men completed. This bonus damage scales

down as X-Men modes are completed. Lastly, Magneto Super Jackpots now

scale upon multiple completions. 


 As scoring has been modified across the board, Gambit was starting to feel

undervalued. In response to this, we have increased its upper threshold  value.