Third Edition

The greatest name in motorcycles is once again a great pinball machine for the ages. Featuring chrome trim on the legs, side armor, lockdown bar and backbox hinges, theHarley-Davidson®/ Third Edition pinball machine is an instant collector's item for anyone who lives to ride.

Harley-Davidson®/Third Edition features all new artwork from Kevin O'Connor and Jerry Vanderstelt, the same artists who gave you Elvis® and The Lord of the Rings(TM). The look of the game is unmistakable and classic for all times.

The pinball machine offers three multiball modes:1999 FLSTF™ Fat Boy® Motorcycle Ball Lock does a wheelie, allowing players to lock the explosive 4-ball MOTORCYCLE MULTIBALL; complete the playfield stoplights to light the 3-D stoplight for RED LIGHT MULTIBALL; and shoot the ramp to complete gears to light speedometer for SPEEDOMETER MULTIBALL. Feel the shaker motor rumble as you take off down the road listening to rock n' roll classics. The Harley-Davidson®/Third Edition pinball machine features replica motorcycles, including the 1999 FLSTF™ Fat Boy® 1/10 scale, the 2000 FLSTF™ Fat Boy® 1/18 scale, and the 2001 FLSTS Heritage Springer® 1/18 scale (models or colors subject to change). 

Some of us were just born to ride.

To get your Harley-Davidson®/ Third Edition pinball machine, contact your nearest STERN Pinball distributor. You can also contact Jolly Backer at 1-708-786-7039 or by e-mail at, or Shelley Sax at 1-708-786-7030 or by e-mail at

If your Harley-Davidson® pinball machine is in need of service, please consult ourTechnical Support page.


Boxed dimensions:
H:56"; W:31"; D:31"; W:295lbs

Unboxed Dimensions:
H: 75 1/2 ", W: 27 ", D: 55", W: 260lbs


Games shipped to North America operate on 60 cycle electricity only.
These games will not operate in countries with 50 cycle electricity (Europe including the UK).