Grand Prix


Stern Pinball, Inc. presents its latest pinball machine, GRAND PRIX. Designed by Pat Lawlor and his team at Pat Lawlor Design, GRAND PRIX is a new kind of game for racing and pinball fans.

Grand Prix racing is an immensely popular sport in Europe and around the world today, and Stern's GRAND PRIX pinball lives up to all the high-energy expectations of its fans. GRAND PRIX is a perfect piece for operators and homeowners who like real excitement in their pinball.

The main feature of GRAND PRIX is a loop that runs around the entire playfield. Energized by magnets, the loop sends pinballs racing around it like cars racing around a track. GRAND PRIX also features a semi-truck hauler that the player can launch a ball through, and a Grand Prix car toy that the player can bang with the pinball.

The GRAND PRIX pinball machine is available with English, Spanish, German, French, or Italian speech, dot matrix and instruction cards. These are available for download through the Stern Pinball website ROM Code Page (EPROM Burner required) or click the link for the Grand Prix Instruction Card (Multi-Language)available to print.

To get your Grand Prix pinball machine, contact your nearest International STERN Pinball distributor. You can also contact Jolly Backer (708-786-7039) orShelley Sax (708-786-7030).

The GRAND PRIX pinball was brought to life by Pat Lawlor Design industry veterans Louis Koziarz creating the software and mechanical wiz John Krutsch. Brian Rood, Kevin O'Connor, and Don Marshall Productions created the art package for GRAND PRIX, while expert sound engineer Chris Granner did the sound work. 

Pat Lawlor says, "GRAND PRIX is fast, addictive, and sure to complement any locations earnings."

GRAND PRIX racing is without a doubt the fastest, most furious and downright glamorous sporting contest found in the world today. Attracting television audiences in every country in the world, it now ranks third behind only the Summer Olympics and football's World Cup in global appeal. Every year racers and their high-tech teams reel around the world leaving a trail of high-octane fuel and spilt champagne. Drivers risk life and limb in their pursuit of the ultimate racing accolade—to be acknowledged as World Champion.

NASCAR® is available in North America only.
GRAND PRIX is available outside of North America only.

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Boxed dimensions:
H:56"; W:31"; D:31"; Weight: 285lbs

Unboxed Dimensions:
H: 75 1/2 ", W: 27 ", D: 55", Weight: 250lbs



Games shipped to North America operate on 60 cycle electricity only.
These games will not operate in countries with 50 cycle electricity (Europe including the UK).