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3/22/2012 8:17:20 PM

Subject: AC/DC (Pro), (L/E), and (Premium) model CPU boards.


As you may have heard, our AC/DC pinball machines feature 12 full AC/DC performed classic songs.  To achieve this feature we had to supply more RAM (Random Access Memory) space on the CPU boards.  The additional RAM added to the CPU board makes these CPU boards unique to AC/DC (Pro), (L/E), and (Premium) games.  The AC/DC (Pro), (L/E), and (Premium) CPU boards are Not Compatible with any other games.



  • AC/DC (Pro) CPU board part number # 520-5337-01.


  • AC/DC (L/E) CPU board part number # 520-5337-00.


  • AC/DC (Premium) CPU board part number # 520-5337-00