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8/27/2015 8:34:38 PM
The Scoop Assembly that is used on KISS, Metallica and X-Men may appear to be working correctly when in fact it is not.  The problem occurs when balls enter the assembly and momentarily make contact with the switch in the assembly.  Once the ball comes to rest, in some instances, the switch is no longer in contact with the ball.  As a result, the game provides a “Courtesy Kick” to eject any balls that might be in the scoop assembly.  During game play this is a problem as the player is expecting to earn an award for shooting the ball into the scoop.  Once the scoop is shot the ball is ejected without giving an award.  This problem can be corrected by adjusting the scoop assembly switch such that the switch continues to stay actuated once the ball comes to rest.  The game will now detect that a ball has come to rest in the scoop assembly and will give any available awards.