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People have inquired on the timing of when the Stern of the Union Address will be sent out and it will always be on the first Tuesday of every month (holiday and vacation pending!).  Without further ado my fellow pinheads:

Stern Army Updates:

The Stern Army continues to grow and expand, spreading the word of pinball across the globe.  Here are our newest members:

  • Private Arlen Smith out of Calgary, Canada (PinBar Inc)
  • Private Jason Carroll out of Saskatchewan, Canada (Pokey’s Pinball Café)
  • Private Eric Morales out of Washington (Another Castle Arcade)
  • Private Lefty Sitaras out of Washington (Another Castle Arcade)
  • Private Ryan Wanger out of Colorado (Press Play)
  • Private Nick Kelly out of West Virginia (Starport Arcade and Pub)
  • Private Chris Henry out of Florida (The Pinball Alley)
  • Private Aaron Goldberg out of California (Brewski’s Bar & Arcade)
  • Private Donny White out of Florida (Little Shop of Games of Wesley Chapel)
  • Private Sean LaBrecque out of Nevada (A Gamer’s Paradise)
  • Private Adam Kiesler out of Quebec, Canada (North Star)
  • Private William Krusa out of Tennessee (Music City Pinball)
  • Private Jared Guynes out of Texas (The Cidercade)
  • Private Johnny Modica out of California (Round 1)

We are also proud to promote the following Stern Army members on their promotion from Private to Private First Class:

  • Private First Class Alexander Junge out of Ohio (Pins Mechanical)
  • Private First Class Kim Martinez out of Ohio (Level 1)
  • Private First Class Bill Disney out of Pennsylvania (Pinball Gallery 81)
  • Private First Class Josh Karg out of Alabama (BumperNets)
  • Private First Class Bryce Greenfield out of California (Phoenix Games)
  • Private First Class Chris Hebert out of Idaho (Woodland Empire)

For more information or to become a part of the Stern Army, please reach out to


Iron Maiden Official Launch Parties

The official Iron Maiden Launch Party list has been set and will be taking place at over 60 locations!  Check out the final list and location nearest you for your chance to win an official Iron Maiden Launch Party trophy.  This is hosted in conjunction with the IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) and the Stern Army.  Official launch parties can only be held at Stern Army locations!  For more information on joining the Stern Army please e-mail

Also stay tuned to Stern’s Facebook page as we are planning to do a live stream this Thursday (5/3) at 3pm CST on an Iron Maiden Pro to cover different tournament strategies and ways to tackle this game from a competition perspective.

2-May Flip Side Pinball Bar – Westerly, RI 6-May Silverball – Columbia, MO
2-May My Parent’s Basement – Avondale Estates, GA 6-May Tilt Studio – Tempe, AZ
2-May Pokey’s Pinball Café – Saskatchewan, Canada 6-May Flat Top Johnny’s – Cambridge, MA
2-May M-Brew – Ferndale, MI 6-May The 1up Lodo – Denver, CO
2-May J Bo’s Pizza and Ribs – Durango, CO 6-May Blind Squirrel Tavern – Fremont, MI
3-May Tilt Pinball Bar – Minneapolis, MN 6-May Buffalo Billiards – Austin, TX
3-May Pub 340 – Vancouver, BC 6-May Carpool Bar – Fairfax, VA
4-May BumperNets – Hoover, AL 6-May North End Pub – Lafayette, IN
4-May The Dip – Redding, CA 6-May Caffetto Coffee Shop – Minneapolis, MN
4-May Cafe One – Ormond Beach, FL 6-May Mission Control – Santa Ana, CA
4-May Lamplighter Pub – Vancouver, BC 6-May Press Play – Boulder, CO
4-May Logan Arcade – Chicago, IL 6-May Brewski’s Bar & Arcade – San Diego, CA
4-May Kidforce Collectibles – Berea, OH 7-May Stonehedge Family Fun Center – Akron, OH
4-May Game Galaxy – Smyrna, TN 7-May Level 1 – Columbus, OH
4-May A Gamer’s Paradise – Las Vegas, NV 8-May Starport Arcade and Pub – Morgantown, WV
5-May Harbor Town Pub – San Diego, CA 9-May Versus Gameplay – Plano, TX
5-May On Tilt @ AYCE Gogi – Van Nuys, CA 10-May North Star – Montreal, QC
5-May The Ice Box – Seattle WA 11-May Arcade Legacy – Cincinnati, OH
5-May Level Up Arcade – Eugene, OR 11-May Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum – Farmington Hills, MI
5-May The 1up Colfax – Denver, CO 11-May Summit City Brewerks – Fort Wayne, IN
5-May Padavan’s NY Restaurant – St. Charles, MO 12-May Maria’s Bar – Madison, WI
5-May PinBar Inc – Calgary, AB 12-May Arcade Super Awesome – Columbus, OH
5-May Kickback Pinball Café –Pittsburgh, PA 12-May 403 Club – Kansas City, KS
5-May Pyramid Scheme Bar – Grand Rapids, MI 12-May Lake Alice Trading Co. – Riverside, CA
5-May Portal Pinball Arcade – Kennesaw, GA 12-May Helicon Brewing – Oakdale, PA
5-May Pocketeer Billiards & Sports Bar – Cheektowaga, NY 13-May Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball – Brooklyn NY
5-May Superelectric Pinball Parlor – Cleveland, OH 18-May Frankenmuth – Frankenmuth, MI
5-May Gameworks Mall of America – Bloomington, MN 21-May Flippers Arcade – Grandy, NC
6-May Cbar – Portland, OR 26-May Rock Fantasy – Middletown, NY
6-May Gestalt – San Francisco, CA 4-Jun Boxcar Bar + Arcade – Raleigh, NC
6-May Abari Game Bar – Charlotte, NC



Stern at the Midwest Gaming Classic:

For those who were able to attend this year’s Midwest Gaming Classic show, Stern Pinball and Marco Specialities were able to coordinate the largest launch of a new machine in pinball show history!  In total, there were 30 brand new Iron Maiden machines set up with an additional 20 other Stern titles on hand for all spectators to play and enjoy.